As the cost of design and mask sets have dramatically increased with the most advanced processes, it is critical for design teams and mask data preparation teams to include robust and repeatable layout manipulation tools in their flow in order to increase their productivity and remove risk of error.

During the lifecycle of a design, GDSII and OASIS layouts get transferred between teams and companies. At key hand-off points: sign-off, prior to mask and chip manufacturing, it is critical to make sure that all teams have access to the same Reference Layout.

GTwatermark is a unique tool that stamps GDSII and OASIS layouts by adding to the layout a signature and a checksum that can be encrypted for further security.

Any further modification to the stamped layouts modifies the signature.

Used in conjunction with XYALIS layout integrity checker, GTcheck, which verifies the presence of the expected signature, GTwatermark adds a critical level of security to the design and manufacturing flow.

The signature can be encrypted by a user define key. Any modification in the database will break the signature.

GTwatermark high processing speed and low memory requirements enable the stamping of the largest designs, takes 4 minutes to add an encrypted signature and checksum to a 18 Gb GDSII file on a standard Centos 6.4 machine with 65 Gb memory.
It takes 44 seconds to add an encrypted signature and checksum to 2.8 Gb OASIS file.

GTwatermark is fully integrated in XYALIS layout manipulation suite and in XYALIS Mask Data Preparation solution. It handles standard layout formats GDSII and OASIS and works directly on compressed of gzipped files.


  • Guarantee database integrity


  • Add signature
  • Add checksum
  • Add encryption
  • Signature ignored by all third party tools
  • Read/write gzipped files on fly