As the cost of a complete mask set has dramatically increased and now represents a significant part of the overall project cost, it is critical for design teams, mask data preparation teams, and mask shops to implement a robust and repeatable Mask Data Preparation flow, which increases the productivity of the mask set creation and removes any risk of error.

GOTpop is a fast engine which performs boolean and geometric operations on one or two layout files described in GDSII and OASIS ®. Operations include:

  • clipping,
  • sizing,
  • boolean operations: and, or, xor, sub, not,
  • fracturing.


GOTpop has been optimized for distributed processing.

GOTpop benefits from the advanced GDSII & OASIS ® TOOL (GOT) data representation engine developed by XYALIS in order to manipulate the largest layout files in a minimum computing time with minimum disk and memory requirements.

GOTpop includes a distant access mechanism based on HTTP sockets for driving the tool in client/server mode.

GOTpop is easy to use with no deck nor configuration file.

Here is an example where we resize a file and use a XOR with a single line command:



GOTpop -i hello.gds -l 1 -r 0.3 -i hello.gds  -l 1 -r -0,3 –xor -o out.gds -p




  • Fast and safe boolean operations


  • Boolean operations : and, or, xor, sub, not
  • Clipping
  • Sizing
  • Easy to use, simple command line
  • GDSII, OASIS ®, OASIS.MASK formats
  • Massive parallel computation