ARRAYDefines either a matrix of DIEs in a FIELD when a PRODUCT is repeated, either a matrix of FIELDs on a MASK
BARCODEOne of the PLACEMARKs dedicated to MASK identification
BLANKPhysical substrate used for mask writing
CDPattern for Control of Dimensions placed in a FIELD. A CD can be inside or outside of a DEVICE
CHIPPhysical piece of silicon corresponding to the PRODUCT on processed WAFER
DATABASEGraphic description of a DEVICE within a file. The most common file format are GDSII, OASIS and MEBES
DEVICEOne of the structures written on a MASK. A DEVICE can be of type DIE, FRAME, PLACEMARK,....
DIEThe pattern corresponding to one CHIP on a mask MASK. A DIE is always contained in a FIELD
FIDUCIALA kind of PLACEMARK dedicated to mask alignment
FIELDArea of a MASK used for photo exposure. A MASK may contain multiple FIELDs
FRAMESet of ITEMs used during wafer processing and placed around the DIEs within a FIELD
ITEMOne of the patterns of the FRAME. An item may be used for mask alignment, process control monitoring, identification, etc...
JOB DECKPlacement description of all the various patterns on a BLANK
JOB REQUESTRequest submitted by the designers to build all the masks needed to process a given PRODUCT
KERFOther name of FRAME
LAYERGraphic description of one step of WAFER processing within original design DATABASE
LEVELOne photolithography step for WAFER processing. A graphic LEVEL description may be deduced from the various LAYERs. One LEVEL is related to at least one FIELD. https://www.xyalis.com/glossary/ https://www.xyalis.com/glossary/One MASK may contain multiple LEVELS (MLR)
MASKPhysical media used for photolithography (a processed BLANK)
MASK REQUESTRequest submitted by mask data prep to the Mask Shop
MASK SETA set of different MASKs used to process different levels of the same CHIP
MASK SHOPAlso known as MASK HOUSE. Performs all physical mask processing: writing, inspection, cleaning
MDPMask Data Prep: data processing of all files prior to mask writing: FRAME generation, fracturing, etc...
MLRMulti Level Reticle. Techniques using multiple fields on a same mask. Each FIELD represents a different LEVEL
OPCOptical Proximity Correction. Data processing performed on elementary geometries to compensate optical distortions (diffraction...)
OVERLAYCoincidence of the patterns on 2 different MASKs of a same SET. See REGISTRATION
PCMProcess Control Module: a structure used during or after wafer processing to qualify the different parameters of the process. PCM are placed in a FIELD, either in the SCRIBES of a DIE array or in a separate FIELD
PROCESSThe multiple steps for WAFER fabrication
PRODUCTA kind of DEVICE delivered by designers to produce a silicon CHIP
PLACEMARKPattern used for identification, fabrication or alignment of the    MASK. A PLACEMARK is not printed on the wafer is is outside of any FIELD.
REGISTRATIONMeasure of OVERLAY errors between 2 masks
RETReticle Enhancement Technology. Methods to improve optical resolution of MASKs
RETICLEAn other name for MASKs. Usually RETICLE is used for MASKs with photo-repetition
SCRIBEGap between 2 adjacent DIEs on a wafer. SCRIBEs are destroyed when sawing the wafer but may contain any ITEM useful during PROCESS
STEPDistance between the centers of two identical patterns. We can differentiate the DIE STEP which is the distance between the centers of 2 adjacent CHIPS on the wafer and the PHOTO STEP which is the move of the stepper between 2 photo shots