XYALIS offers unprecedented capabilities with its New Multi-Project Wafer Preparation and management System


Grenoble, France – April, 26th, 2004 XYALIS announced today that it has shipped GTmuch V6.0, its next generation Multi-Project-Wafer (MPW) floorplanning and management tool. Mask costs in the latest technologies become a key issue. This leads in new challenges in …

XYALIS announces GTsmooth, The First Hybrid Metal-Fill Tool


Lyon, France – XYALIS, the leading provider of layout finishing tools, today announces GTsmooth, the first hybrid metal-fill tool, which combines the benefits of rules- and model-based methods to increase the manufacturing yield of chips and wafers, to limit the parasitic effects due to dummy insertion, while keeping lowest processing time and database size.

XYALIS new version of GTmuch makes multi-chip modules and multi-project wafers even easier


Grenoble, France October 1st 2001 Xyalis has announced a major upgrade to GTmuch, the company’s graphical tool dedicated to floorplanning and assembly of multiple GDSII databases for Multi-Chip Modules (MCM) and Multi-Project Chips or Wafers (MPC or MPW). At the …